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 a wander in the night...

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PostSubject: Re: a wander in the night...   Tue Nov 11, 2008 4:44 pm

"yes you take back to the dorm, the high leveled vamps will need to be dealt with somehow though, or they'll keep coming for us"

*takes off on her own*
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PostSubject: Re: a wander in the night...   Sat Apr 23, 2011 11:45 pm

but achulo is met by a shadowy figure that manged to get by cassandra stop! it yells and steps out off the shadows its only me jake i can help protect you from the vampires a vampire comes round the corner and i whip out my bloody rose thats not going to kill me vapires heal fast dummy, thats where your wrong as i flip the gun over and fire it there is bright flash of light and then the vampire is gone and there is a purple fading rotating cross above a pule of dust. you saved my life says achulo how can i ever repay you well... i begin but am cut off by the sound of running footsteps rn achulo run screams a female voice i grab her in my arms and jump onto the building above us as the female rounds the corner and spots me she fires a gun at me and it grazes my shoulder i bellow in pain on the building and drop achulo but she is allready standing and im lying on the building dripping blood every where "must've used an anti vampire bullet " i think to my self eventualy i manage to take achulo back to the school grounds and go to the infirmary
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a wander in the night...
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