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 New Character

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PostSubject: New Character   Sat Aug 14, 2010 5:33 pm

Name:Shakin Valore



Day or Night student:Night


Her past:Shakin was born into a family of humans.She was such a small baby when she was born but she was also born with a tatoo of silver wings on her back.A sign from the gods of her country that she would become a monster by the time she reaches 15.And surely enough when she turned 15,as she was walking down and alleyway she was grabbed from behind and bitten enough to be turned.When she turned she woke up in an abandoned building room with all of her belongings.She has lived there ever since until her parents found her finally after a couple of years and they sent her to the Cross Academy.Here she is very outgoing and fun and sometimes a little flirty.She likes it there alot and shes going to have fun.Hopefully she'll make new friends!
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New Character
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